NewBirth Kimmelbrook 

My House Shall Be

Called A House OF 


Who We Are



The pastor and members of Newbirth Kimmelbrook thank you for taking the time to view our site. I am glad that you have chosen to find out more about us. NBKB is affiliated with the Steel Valley Baptist Association, the State Convention of Baptist in Ohio and the Southern Baptist Convention USA. 


     NewBirth Kimmelbrook teaches: 

  • The full authority and inspiration of the bible.
  • The necessity of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • That we are compelled to share our faith with others, locally and worldwide
  • That God intends for His Children to worship and serve him in and through the local church
  • We are an Evangelistic church committed to preaching Christ: Crucified, Risen and Coming Again!


    The ministry of the NewBirth Kimmelbrook Church through its people and its pastor is done in the name of Jesus Christ for HIS glory!